About Us


Welcome to Croftography!

  My name is Emily, and, like many of you, am an actor living and working in New York City!  I stumbled upon photography my freshman year of college, and have been immersed in it ever since. Through all of the photos I've taken, I've always found that my favorite ones to take were pictures of people.  I enjoy capturing people in their natural emotions, and I think that the best pictures are of people having fun.

  In creating Croftography, I want to create a photo shoot experience that is fun, and relaxing, and wont leave you scrounging for this month's rent.  It's so important in this industry to have pictures that represent YOU.  In choosing Croftography for your next headshots or lifestyle portraits, you are signing up to work together with me to find what best represents you, and how we can capture that, TOGETHER!   


"I got final callbacks for my first feature film as a supporting role because of (Emily's) shot. They saw 'swagger in my look.' Her work also got me a commercial/print agent in AZ, of which I've done one national commercial, and plenty of local spots, and they also got me a manager in LA."

-Eddie Maldonado, Actor

"Emily is amazing!  She made sure my lighting, hair and wardrobe had every little piece in place.  She gave me tips to loosen up, and specific adjustments that made my pictures spark!  Emily is a ball of energy with a love of photography and knowledge of the industry expectations. She will not disappoint!"

-Frannie Williams, Actor